Attorney Tom Glowacki: “Ms. Lutz’s investigative work plays a significant role in achieving my clients’ goals.”

Product Liability Expert Dr.  Richard Moll:  “Ms. Lutz’s consulting work has always been high quality, timely and innovative.”

Sole Practitioner Attorney Karla Ott: “Lisa is a quick study of people and their circumstances.  Her demeanor and no-nonsense approach put my clients at ease and get them quick results”


Private client reviews:

“Lisa Lutz Investigations background research answered all of our questions about a potential fiancé for our son, the recipient of a large family trust.” Nathan B

“Lisa Lutz Investigations cracked a case from the 1950’s, when our mother disappeared. Lisa has the drive and skills that unlocked the mystery.” Hannah M

“Lisa Lutz’s due diligence saved our family’s estate from the hands of opportunists. Her research and comprehensive data gave us the tools to secure and protect assets.” Richard T

“Lisa is compassionate, kind, wonderful, smart, tough and beautiful. Thank you for being there when I was at such a low point. Life is much improved and I am happier now than I ever thought possible.” DS 


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